A downloadable Neon Valley for Windows, macOS, and Linux


This is an old build of the game. Steam early access will appear soon!

Neon Valley: Revenge is a 3rd and 1st person online multiplayer shooter with Neo 80s design influence. Full of retro neon infused graphics and hardcore gameplay features, join the digital frontier of Neon Valley and claim your place at the top!

Initially to learn programming, Neon valley is a personal project I have been developing over the last 10 months. Neon Valley has reached a point where I would love to bring in players for testing. During this proof of concept phase, I hope you players will find enough enjoyment to share with friends and be central for testing gameplay mechanics and the integrity of my design.

I wish to tailor-make a competitive online shooter that allows a diverse variety of gameplay styles. Over the next few months I will be designing more weapons and gadgets, testing them one by one with the players. Experimenting with the gameplay feel and a variety of gameplay mechanics at the player's disposal, I hope to over time develop Neon Valley into a place where players can feel bad ass.

Note: There is a bug that I just found after release, you must wait for the game to say "Joined" on the top left corner of the screen before entering name or else the game will freeze.

Controls are currently non customizable.

Double tap directional/shiftDash and sprint
Q3rd/1st POV
ZSwitch shoulder
1234Weapon class
EWeapon type
Left/Right mouseShoot/Zoom
TABScore panel

Video guides

Weapons - You can switch from 1st to 3rd person

Movement - You can wall jump!

Current state and near future goals:

  • Most of the main menu is just for show, playing with designs (but please check out the credits!)
  • Designing new weapons and gadgets to test in multiplayer mode
  • Creating a complete set of animations
  • Sound design for the various weapons and gadgets
  • Proper bullet ricochet
  • Rework wall jumping
  • Experiment with different styles of locomotion for the player (adding inertia, air control, etc.)
  • More precise aiming in 3rd person mode
  • Once animations are made I will then look into melee options (yes, that sword but a teaser)
  • If you fall off the map you won't die… there are cool things that happen though, with the ever increasing velocity (try shooting up) but you might want to quit before it crashes the program
  • Scoring system is a bit broken (a lot broken) - NOT ANY MORE HAHAHA >:D
  • Change keybindings
  • Chat box- Le done
  • And a crap load of bugs! (Working on it! Please be patient sempai I am not a programmer)

Neon Valley for Linux

HOWTO: From your terminal browse to the Neon Valley root directory, you will see a .x86 file which is not executable at the moment. To make it executable type: chmod +x Neon_Valley_LINUX_0.1.5.x86

Make sure you got the version number right. - Thanks to DM Rogier for finding the fix!


Neon_Valley_0.1.7.zip 48 MB
Neon_Valley_LINUX_0.1.7.zip 50 MB
Neon_Valley_MAC_0.1.7.app.zip 50 MB